ーTianshan Mountains Honeyー

Further north from upstream area of the Yellow River in China, there are two large deserts.

The Tianshan Mountains lie between them.

In the vast mountain range overgrown with wild plants,  bees have continuously sustained this honey since long before the rise of mankind on this planet.


Creating a harmony with your body, a calm heart and a deeper level of health.

Where you place your value in your life, at this very moment during these fast-paced modern times, is more important than ever to ensure a truly natural and healthy life.

Freeing yourself from what is expected with your time, everyday life (what you wear, what you eat, where you live) and money. To instead reconnect yourself with nature and to respect it, is what we want to value most of all.


Our hope is to help you live everyday full of vitality and joy with Shin-ra-bansho Tian Shian Mountain Honey.

About Tian Shian Mountain Honey

Honey is known to be the sweetest substance in nature and has a very long history.

Honeybees are said to have lived on this planet for as long as 35 million years, compared to human beings of 6-7 million years ago. As living beings on this planet come and go through the cycle of life, bees have always looked after the natural world.


We hope to bring to you, some of this exceptional wisdom that they have accumulated throughout the years.

Where this honey comes from

The Tian Shian Mountains expands between the Gobi desert in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and the Taklamakan desert, connecting Europe and Asia as a mountain oasis.


From Shanghai or Beijing you must first fly to Urumqi where another flight is taken on a small airplane, to Yining. Once there an additional 10 hour journey awaits in an off-road car, which brings the total travel time to three days from Tokyo, making it a truly hidden place from modern day life.


The land is illuminated by the soft morning sunlight and the brilliant moonlight at night. Grasslands and diverse herbal plants grow luxuriantly over the land as far as the eye can see. A place where meltwater from the high mountains wells up and flows after travelling through many layers of the earth.


And so it is here that this honey of incredible aroma and flavour has been treasured by local nomads since ancient times as well as European royalty and nobility. A treasure mostly shared with European nobility and only a small amount sent to Japan.


The local nomads traditionally enjoy this honey every morning of everyday with yoghurt or on top of bread with fresh butter.

Shin-ra-bansho Nectar

Each year the Tansun flower from the Ginseng family only blooms for two weeks and this is the only time this honey can be harvested. It is harvested from the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region near Kyrgyzstan. Located at an altitude of 2800m, it’s blessed with natural fresh spring water with vast grass fields and broadleaf forests.

Fully Matured Honey

As the sun rises, the bees fly from flower to flower collecting nectar and at night they beat their wings creating airflow to help the nectar mature. Once it has reached a certain level of sugar concentration (over 80°Bx) it is stored by capping with beeswax. Ten days are required for this whole process to occur. Honey extracted after the capping has occurred, is considered to be “matured honey” which in this modern day is a rare commodity.

As if to help the bees, the dry air up in the Tian Shian Mountains naturally help the level of sugar to increase, thus also creating a fragrant aroma when opening the jar.

In general most honey sold nowadays are harvested before it has matured in order to get the most volume of honey as possible, as only a third will be left if harvested after maturation. Heat is also applied rapidly to reduce the water content and to increase the sugar levels. Although this is a very efficient method, it takes away the true flavor, aroma and also reduces the nutritional value of the honey.

Shin-ra-bansho Tian Shian Mountain Honey is born from how nature truly intended and helps to “connect life” by protecting and respecting the bees work. Fully matured without heat being applied, this honey is alive with minerals, vitamins, organic acid, pollen, royal jelly, and propolis.

Tian Shian Bee Pollen

As a bee goes through the journey of collecting nectar, pollen from flowers stick to its body. This is known as “bee pollen”. It is an important nutritious source of energy for the bees as well as the primary material for creating royal jelly, the queen bee’s source of food.

Using the nectar, the bee creates small round clumps of pollen and sticks them to its own back legs and transports it to the hive. Pollen contains highly concentrated nutrients in order to connect life for plants and to pass down genes through generations.


Bee pollen has fast become known in Europe as a “Perfect Food” (a complete source of food from a natural source) and only recently has it been recognised in Japan.

Product Details


Tian Shian Mountain Honey

600g Jar: ¥13,500 (incl. Tax)


Tian Shian Mountain Honey

100g Jar: ¥4,320 (incl. Tax)


Shin-ra-bansho Bee Pollen

40g Jar: ¥4,320 (incl. Tax)

230g Jar: ¥13,500 (incl. Tax)


Please feel free to contact us concerning wholesale, retail and for use as a product ingredient.

Please feel free to contact us concerning wholesale, retail and for use as a product ingredient.


Shimizu Masuo from Tokyo

Honey has existed from 35 million years ago, throughout human history the privileged have treasured and called it the “ageless sweetener”. But in this present day, how much honey that the noble people desire, actually exists?

Due to streamlining, mechanization and mass production over the years, the true identity of honey as a food has unfortunately changed. It’s as if the mountains, rivers, trees and stone have somehow transformed and hidden the true honey that our ancestors enjoyed. And now it seems impossible to be able to taste the honey of those ancient times.

But there is Shin-ra-bansho Tian Shian Mountain Honey. A land rich with nature that has enjoyed an agriculture free life for hundreds of years. No effort is spared in making this honey. The miraculously rare environment together with the passion from the people with the vision, has enabled us to reach this honey usually reserved for the privileged. This honey loved by the ancient people had always been hidden in these secret lands.

As I am neither a doctor nor a specialist in medicine or nutrition and I do not completely understand the scientific effects of this honey. But what I do know is that this honey is so rare and precious, it something that has to be treasured.

N.K. from Tokyo

I encountered this honey during the time when I just changed my diet to a completely organic one. The first time I tasted it, was nothing like I’ve ever tasted before. The wave of delicious flavour really surprised me.

Once I had made it a routine to take this honey every morning and evening, I really feel my skin and physical condition has improved. Also my pregnant wife also had some honey too as I thought the nutrition would be good for both my wife and child. It really helped to prevent colds during her pregnancy.

As this honey is so natural, I am now feeding my 2 year old daughter with this honey. I hope to continue eating organic food including this honey and live a full and natural life.

(Please Note: This honey is not suitable for babies under a year old)

Reiko Ito 88 years old from Osaka




I received this honey as a gift from my grandchild. I have all kinds of food that they say tastes delicious, but I was particularly surprised by the flavour of this honey. Even from just a small amount, I could feel the energy emerging from the core of my body. I feel like I am ten years younger and can live life to the full until I’m 100 years old!

Makiko Yokoyama from Saitama Prefecture

I am currently on my second jar of this honey. As I went through my usual everyday busy life and looking after my children, I encountered and learnt about this honey and where it comes from. Through connecting with the people who bring this honey to us, I really feel that this is the one and only honey that I believe in!

And even though my children can be bad tempered at times, when I give them some of this honey, smiles emerge from their faces immediately. I really feel the effects thanks to your efforts and the power of the honey.

Encountering this honey that is full of the blessings of nature, love and deep energy, I really feel truly happy and will continue to tell people about it.

Ms. O.K. from Aichi prefecture

Around 10 years ago I started to suffer from chemical sensitivity. The range of foods I could eat were extremely limited and whenever I accidentally eat something with additives, my body would swell up, I would feel inactive and fall asleep. I also have sensitivity to electromagnetic waves and so TVs, mobile phones, microwaves and any other electronics can affect my body and so I cannot live in towns. I have tried a variety of different natural foods but have come to realise I can only eat native varieties of vegetables and from those that have been naturally cultivated for over 10 years. Since the beginning of this chemical sensitivity, I have slowly but surely been able to find foods that my body accepts. Through this journey I encountered Shin-ra-bansho Honey at the Sun Smile natural food store and decided to order the product. Ever since I started eating Shin-ra-bansho Honey, I have found the usual side effects of my sensitivities have eased up significantly! I am so grateful and happy that I encountered this honey.

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